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Social Rocket will grow your social following organically through proven marketing tactics. We’ll find only people who would naturally love your Instagram content and make them your life-long followers.


Get to know some of our amazing features that will kick-start your brand’s success.

Unique Campaigns

Your Social Rocket experience is tailored to suit your brand only and to target your desired fan base with laser focus. Our team will determine the best strategy for your growth.

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100% Real Followers

Your brand is exposed to real users only. Real users with real lives, photos, and stories means 100% genuine engagement. This means more reach, response, and marketing capacity for your brand.

Hashtag Targeting

Target users using popular hashtags or keywords. Perfect for when trying to target that specific niche. This is just one piece of your strategy for explosive growth. 

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Location Targeting

Location targeting is an effective way to grab attention and engagement from your area. Social Rocket can target users who have visited specific businesses, attended certain events, or just live in your city.

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Super-charged Engagement

Engagement explodes with Social Rocket. Your posts will see 2-5x their normal engagement from real users with a genuine interest in your content.  

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No downloads, dashboards or apps. Our service does it all for you. You can post content, like photos, follow and comment as you normally would! We take the hassle out of expanding your reach beyond your current limits.

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Other Features


Social Rocket is the most inexpensive Instagram growth solution on the market. Our prices are affordable and our service unmatched. 

Steady Growth

Watch your fan base grow each day. Our customers typically gain over 700 followers per month!

Custom Targets

Your desired demographic is completely customizable. Target based on hashtags, location, photos liked, users followed, and more!


Our team takes the hassle out of building a solid following, we do all the heavy-lifting so you can watch your account explode in popularity.

Become an Influencer

Influencer marketing is exploding in popularity and Social Rocket users are benefiting from the trend. More followers and higher engagement creates a direct dollar value for your account. 

For Anyone

Whether you’re a musician, photographer, fitness buff, or business owner, our service will attract the right audience and boost your fan-base.

Plans and Pricing


Whether you’re a business or just a selfie king or queen, we have the right plan for you. 

Activation will begin within 24 hours of payment.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Don’t just take it from us, let our customers do the talking!

“Social Rocket rules! All my followers are real people, I checked. Now I get a 4 or 5 messages a day telling my music rocks and asking if I sell CDs. They have done wonders for my brand.”

Luke M.

“It took me years to grow my account to 400 followers. Social Rocket helped reach 4000 in 3 months!”

Megan Camper

“These guys are great, whenever I want to make a change to my target audience they adjust my strategy within a few hours. The service is better than some of the others out there, and above all, it fits my budget! “

Ashley Mohany

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the followers real?

The answer is a resounding yes! This is what is meant by organic followers. Actual people with their own interests and content will like, follow, or comment if they’re interested. We do not sell or generate fake, empty, or otherwise lifeless and inactive followers.

Will my followers disappear if I cancel my membership?

The followers you gain while using Social Rocket are real people and will stay even after you’ve cancelled your membership. Remember to post consistently to retain the attention of your fans.

What can I expect after I've signed up?

Our team will contact you to ensure activation is completed. You will begin seeing new followers and likes with 24 hours of activation.

How many followers can I expect to gain?

There are many factors in determining how many followers you can gain using Social Rocket. Some of these factors include; the nature and quality of content you post, how frequently you post, and your level of engagement within the community. With this in mind, our members will typically grow between 100 to 500 followers per week.

Don't Be Shy

If we didn’t answer all of your questions, feel free to drop us a line anytime.