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As a musician, you know how important it is to grow a large and thriving network of fans and supporters. But, gaining genuine and engaging fans can be a full-time task. Typically, the only fans you acquire are those who attend shows or discover your music through friends. This can be a slow and often unrewarding process that takes years before your fan base even hits 1000 followers.

What if I told you there was a way to target all of those Instagram users who would most likely enjoy your content and your music? What if I told you these users would also come with a high likelihood that they would engage, comment, and even DM you about your music?  I’m here to tell you that this isn’t only possible, we are actually doing it right now for hundreds of artists. It doesn’t matter if you play metal, country, pop, EDM, or any genre in between, there are fans for every taste and we can target them. Musicians are no longer struggling to find their true Instagram fans. Now fans are messaging our artists, asking where they learned that specific drum fill, or where they can learn to play guitar better, or how they were able to hit those high notes in their favorite song. Their fans are now engaging with them more than ever before, and this translates into more eyes and ears on their brand and a more profitable music career.

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Got a gig coming up? We can target users who frequent specific places in town, or who just live in your city, allowing you to promote your shows and other local events to your fans.

I started using Social Rocket only a few months ago and I already broke 2000 followers. My fans regularly contact me and are waiting for my new single to come out. I recommend trying their service if you want to get some traction with any new music you’re releasing.


My fanbase exploded since using Social Rocket, I have fans asking about my practice techniques and when my next show is. Will keep using Social Rocket since all my fans are real people who actually care about me as an artist.


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