Tips for your music based account.

Instagram is a great way to grow your exposure whether you are a solo artist or a 6 piece band. But like every social media platform, there are techniques to getting more followers on Instagram, we’ll break them down so you can create more exposure for your music.

Set up a music account that is separate from your personal account An artist playing the guitar

It is not always necessary to set up a separate music account from your personal Instagram account, but it is a good idea to if your personal account doesn’t carry the same brand image or aesthetic theme that you have created as a musician. Inside the Instagram app, you can easily switch between accounts. This can be set up by going into Settings and clicking Add Account. Having a separate account can attract more targeted followers. If fans are interested in your personal life they will follow your personal account, otherwise, your music account should be about your music. It should look polished and professional. When setting up your music profile, research what other musicians are doing, as well as what other businesses accounts are doing in terms of marketing strategies. Observing and adopting these strategies will increase your exposure and give you a competitive advantage.

Let your posts tell a story

Your Instagram is a collection of images, no post should stand alone. Your posts should work together to tell a story. Take your followers on a journey with you; show them behind the scenes, gigs, radio interviews, rehearsals and studio sessions. Your followers will feel like they are part of your success story as they watch it unfold on Instagram. Sticking with an aesthetic theme on your account creates a consistent style – your followers will recognise photos as being yours when they appear on their newsfeed. This can be done by editing photos to have similar colours and lighting.

Share the limelight

If you are in a band, make sure that every member is adequately represented on your collective Instagram account. Make sure that the style is reflective of the group as a whole and not just the lead singer, for example. Discuss your style and approach to Instagram as a group before making things live. It may be useful to have one member of the band running the account to keep it visually coherent but make sure that each person is represented fairly and that their style and interests are taken into account.